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When most people picture a unicycle, they might imagine a comical-looking contraption ridden by a man in a top hat.

However, the E-Loco e-unicycle is quite different and brings a more modern approach to the unicycle.

This eco-friendly method of transportation can get you around at up to 20 mph and travel up to 40 miles on one charge, making it a great option for both thrill-seekers and commuters.

Unlike electric skateboards where you stand, ETRIP                e-unicycle you sit It is more like an e-bike in that all controls are on the handlebars and  as the rider, your movements dictate the direction of the wheel. 


Why should you consider getting an electric unicycle? It is compact, lightweight, and powerful and you can go further and faster than electric skateboards or scooters.


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Technical Data Sheet

Power - 1000W

Motor - 1000W / 60V

Voltage - 60V

Charging Time - 2h/5h

Range Per Charge - 30 /40 miles

Max Speed - 10mph

Net weight /Gross weight - 22kg 

Max carrying capacity - 120kg

Wheel Size - 300mm

Size - 660*673*971mm

Battery - Lithium-Ion  18650  

Climbing Capacity - 15 Degree

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