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The ETRIP E-Trike won’t pass unnoticed and is perfect for the city commute, a great way to free yourself from the shackles of rush hour traffic or over-crowded public transport. Now with petrol prices skyrocketing and urban clean air congestion charges expanding to take in a wider area this is probably the best time to go electric for your daily commute. 

If you’re not sure about ‘becoming a biker’ and riding on two wheels blurring the boundaries then the E-Trike could be all you need, enabling you to ride safely in all circumstances it showcases a sporty character and outstanding manoeuvrability, comfortable to ride solo or with a pillion, this three-wheel scooter is stable, powerful, and practical. Daytime running lights, rear-view mirrors without blind spots and ABS braking system deliver road safety without compromise.


Cosy as a sedan and agile as a two-wheeler, the E-Trike is a sophisticated easy ride and is perfect if you like that feeling of freedom a scooter delivers but don’t have quite the confidence to ride on two wheels, it’s made for the city, and it surprises with its agility. The E-Trike can be a better choice over its two-wheel cousin providing almost all of the stability of a four-wheeled vehicle and a lot of the benefits of a two-wheeler, the E-Trike is safer on the road and is often the preferred choice of commuters or city riders who are happy to sacrifice a bit of filtering ability for added safety.


A good choice for riders who might not be able to support the weight of a two-wheel scooter when you slow below walking pace, on the E-Trike you can lock it out, so it doesn’t tip over. Maintaining the size of a two-wheel transporter, it handles rush hour traffic beautifully. The two independent front wheels adapt to the road surface in all circumstances, dual leaning front wheels enhance stability on asphalt as well as dirt roads with its bold, futuristic bodywork and innovative technologies it looks, feels, and rides like no other. 

If you are 16 years old and pass a CBT with a provisional licence, you will be entitled to ride the E-Trike as it is restricted to 28mph. You must display L-plates, cannot carry passengers or go on motorways. This entitlement lasts for 2 years.

Electric Balanced
Stand (EBS)

Electric Balanced Stand (EBS) enables D1-3000Wto possess the self-balance ability, especially convenience while waiting for traffic lights or short-time parking

The Mutual Leaning System(MLS) 

The front suspension designed with the Mutual Leaning System(MLS) gives the ability to coordinate the two front wheels and creates an agile and stable driving experience.

Great Sense of

A built-in high-power motor has 65Nm. Maximum, provides incredible agility, impeccable balance, and freedom of movement.

Lithium Batteries

The shockproof, waterproof, and removable high-performance lithium batteries with an intelligent BMS battery management system can achieve long endurance. 

Double Shock

Double shock absorbers are set in the front, reducing 30% of road shock and increasing comfort and stability.

TFT Screen

The regular and sports models on the 7-inch TFT screen can easily switch, and the screen light can adjust automatically according to ambient light.


Model - D1-3000W

Motor Type - Central motor

Power - 3000W

Voltage - 60v

Battery Model - 60v40ah Lithium-ion Battery (removable)                              

Charging time - 4/6 hrs

Suspension  -  Hydraulic front duel fork and back dual suspension

Wheels - 14 & 12 Aluminium Allow Wheels

Front Tire - 100/80-14

Rear Tire - 130/70-12

Brakes - Disc CBS front and back

Seat Height - 780mm

Curb Weight - 150kg

Loading Capacity - 160kg

Maximum Speed - 28 mph

Range - 50 - 60 miles

Lights - LED Front and Rear

Indicators- LED Front and Rear

Length×Width×Height - 1975×760×1330mm

Wheelbase - 1435mm

Wheeltrack - 420mm

Anti -theft alarm

USB charging phone holder

Colours - Hurricane Red, Obsidian Black, Blue, Glacier Blue, Star Platinum Gray, Galaxy White, Midnight Black (matte)

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