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ETRIP E-BIKE  offer you two fully electric moped type motorbikes that are true electric vehicles for the urban environment. The E-Buzz and the E-Trike are  similar in their purpose, but this is where the similarities end. They are two very different scooters, and one may be better for you than the other study both options to see which is best for you.


They are affordable, completely fuel efficient as they are electric, excellent for navigating traffic-clogged streets, and stupidly fun to ride, the El-Buzz and E-Trike offer an appealing prospect for town dwellers, with zero tailpipe emissions, so you qualify for free road tax and travel inside London’s Congestion Charge Zone. Low-cost recharging overnight will also help offset your daily commuting costs.


With there classic cool look they look just like the iconic Vespa scooter, but once you notice there is no motor or annoying exhaust noise coming from them, you begin to realise there is something special about the E-Buzz and E-Trike.




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