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The ETRIP E-BUZZ is just a two-wheeled bundle of good news and it should be: this legendary VESPAS has been making getting around fun for thousands of riders so no more transportation headaches? The BUZZ is the solution. While everyone else is still looking for a parking space, you’re in, job done, and back on your way. Commuting ? makes your trips to the shops a breeze—same for going to work or college, now it’s the best part of your day! Like your smart phone, the BUZZ just works, and helps make your life easier in every way. And did we mention that it’s electric so kind to the environment and not ever again been held to ransom by high petrol prices EVESPAS is an economical friendly type of transport, that saves a lot of time and money. You know you can count on it to be as reliable as sunrise or sunset. Hey, everyone has someplace to go. Why not have some fun getting there—on a ETRIP E-BUZZ.

Technical Data Sheet


Motor - 6.000W Brushless Engine (equivalent to 125And)

Voltage - 72 V

Constant Power - AMR 6 KW / 10 KW

Battery Capacity - 115Ah OF 72V (7,2 kWh)

Charging system - 100 Ah / 120 Ah Portable / On-board Type 2

Battery - Lithium

Charge time - 10 hours 

Life of battery - 1.500 cycles

Speed - 100 Km/h: 120 Km/h

Front Tyre - 120/80-14 Inch

Rear Tyre - 140/60-14 Inch

Size (Lx W x H) - 2,180 mm x 780 mm x 1,270 mm

Controller - 24CMOS

Maximum speed - 170 (km/h)

Maximum range - 170 km / 1 person (180kg)

Brakes (front]/back) - Disk / Disk

Forks (Fron/Back) - Hydraulic / hydraulic

Capacity Max of load - 2 people (296kg)

Type of frame - Steel

Net weight - 145kg (with battery)

Also includes

3 speeds + Marker Screen LCD + Course Backwards + Button of Estacionamineto+ 2 Games of keys+ Rear-view mirrors+ Leading Compartment With Padlock

E-BUZZ2 .png
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