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The ENDURANCE completely devoid of emissions and an environmentally friendly solution to your daily commute, additionally  just like with electric cars you can qualify for tax rebates, avoid congestion charges as well as the other benefits. The lack of noise aside from the somewhat quiet whirring of the electric motor and the sound of the two tires rolling across the tarmac not only means your neighbours won’t hate you but also allows you to more readily connect with and appreciate your surroundings, letting you take further advantage of the completely unobstructed view of the road and your surroundings afforded in the saddle of the ETRIP ENDURANCE.

The design has captured a sport bike feel in a touring model. It’s sleek and slick, made for speed as much as comfort.  It’s hard to envision something that the Endurance can’t do, daily commuters will find the zippy feel good for navigating city streets, with enough sport bike soul to add pleasure to longer journeys. Any motorcycle can technically be taken on an extended journey, but to go touring with the wrong bike and you’ll soon find your muscles cramped, your body burnt, and your groin utterly unusable. The multi-faceted beauty of the Endurance is that it keeps you comfortable for the long road ahead, gives you plenty of space to stash your  gear, and adds a sense of fun to the winding ways you’ll encounter. 


Motor Power - 72V / 6000W - QS motor brushless gearless

Battery - Lithium 72V 100Ah

Battery Life - 1500 cycles of charging & discharging

Charger - Intelligent fast charger 10A Aluminium Shell

Charge Time - 8 hours

Range - 210km

Wheels - FEIBEN 110/70-17 front * 180/55-17 rear

Tyres - MAXXIS Radial / FEIBEN Tubeless F: 110/70-17 R: 180/55-17

Suspension - Front Double reinforced hydraulic.  Rear Hydraulic monosock.

Dash board - LCD multi-information, Anti-theft alarm,  USB phone charger & holder

Payload - 296 kg

Suspension - Hydraulic Front & Back

Brakes - Front Duel and Single Rear Ventilated Discs and EABS

Size - 1940mm*870mm*1340mm

wheelbase - 1070mm

Weight - Net Weight / Gross Weight     145Kg / 187Kg

Lights - LED headlight, LED turn lights, LED brake light

Max Speed - 62 mph

Seats - 2

Technical Data Sheet


Colour - Black, Gray, Blue, Red


Optional Extras - Rear box and Holder Two Side boxes (with LED light) and Holder

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