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A flat-out racing bike weighing in at just 14.6 kg with sleek aero credentials and sheer good looks, still the Sportive manages to be comfortable. With the assistance from space age tech in the shape of the BAFANG M800 200W electric motor, this bike fits its superbike status right down to the Japanese manufactured carbon fiber frame.

This is a fast aggressive aerodynamic race bike and to maintain these design features all cables are ran internally through the bike frame. To add to the futuristic thinking of this bike ETRIP-EBIKE have incorporated the use of Countervail Technology which means there’s a welcome addition of assisted power when needed in there, that extra boost on longer rides and the help to keep up with faster friends, climbs or into a headwind.

While you may not need the electric assist all of the time it’s there when needed, the system weighs just 2.3 kg what sets this bike apart is that it provides the best of conflicting worlds: assisted power, comfort and aerodynamics, without making sacrifices in its racing bike look.

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High Strength

Carbon Frame

The Sportive frame set is made from high-performance carbon fibre with great strength and elasticity creating rigidity and comfort. The design does not take into account the limitations of UCI, helping to exaggerate tube design for increased strength and aerodynamics. Additionally the frame design creates more tyre space,

up to 35c.

Ba Fang M800

200W Motor

The Sportive has a lightweight motor from Ba Fang designed specifically for road bikes, weighing only 2.3kg with maximum output of 55 Nm peak torque. This motor has very low roll resistance and great rolling inertia in low electronic gear with good torque output ib high electronic gear making it more suitable for the positioning of E-Road models


E-Bike Customised

Road Wheel Set

Specially created for the Sportive this wheel set has a 50mm height with 32mm width rim providing the best aerodynamic performance when matched with the 32C tyre. In addition to the enhancements of the rim, improvements have also been made  to the hubs and spokes

Technical Data Sheet

Frame: Carbon fibre fully internal cable routing; E-Bike reinforced

Weight: 14.6 kg

Seat post frame: Carbon fibre 30mm Cockpit adjustable

Forks: Carbon fibre 12* 100mm / 700C

Maximum Load: 110 kg

Saddle: Selle Italia

Motor: BaFang M800 200W

Battery: Panasonic / LG 12.8h 460.8Wh

Charging Time: 4 – 6 hours

Range: 75 – 100 miles

Maximum Climb: 45%

Display: BaFang 55mm LCD Display

Front light: Magicshine LED

Brake Disc: RT800  160-160mm

Brake Calipers: Shimano R8020 HD Brake

Wheels: ETRIP designed reinforced carbon rims: 24 straight spokes: 4 bearing Ebike                                                                                                         reinforced hubs: 12mm axle centre lock

Tyre: Schwalbe 700* 32C                          

Rear Derailleurs: Shimano R8020   11s

Crank brackets: ETRIP 170 mm – 13 mm offset

Cassette: Shimano R8000; 11-32T

Crank Arm: BaFang 170mm Alloy Crankarm             

Chain: KMC X11

Chain Ring: ETRIP customised alloy chainring 44T: E-Bike reinforced

Handlebars: ETRIP Customised 420mm* 70mm 

Handlebar Grips: GUEE Road Grip

Headset    52-52mm Bearing

Colour: Red / Black        White / Black            

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